What is Benchmark?

A group of PRACTICAL designers, engineers and managers…
PROACTIVELY completing projects on time and on budget.

What is Benchmark’s Purpose?

Benchmark exists for one main reason, we provide our clients with…
Solutions for Project Problems

Why is Benchmark Successful?

We have a total focus on achieving our Client’s Project Goals

  • Return on Investment = Producing a return, our client’s profit increases as a result of our performance
  • Plan & Manage = Define scope, schedule & budget targets
  • Outside of the Box Thinking = Evaluating every possible solution via cost vs. return basis to achieve our client’s goals.
  • Total Solutions = Total evaluation of the effect on all stakeholders – marketing, sales, engineering, operations, quality, accounting, corporate, logistics, maintenance, and construction.



  • If a client has a need today, Benchmark Engineering responds to that need today.
  • We break down problems to their simplest parts, solve the root cause and rebuild the process.
  • We plan our work and work our plan.
  • We are a service company and we only succeed by ensuring our clients succeed.
  • Quality Assurance is our main deliverable.
  • Our business is revenue generation for our clients.
  • Our clients gain revenue from our services.
  • Our commitment is to the long-range development and success of our clients.
  • A project that generates no revenue for our client or that lacks quality is a waste of time & money.


At Benchmark Engineering, we carry out our philosophy through opening the communications between all parties involved in a project.  We integrate our staff into our client’s project team by working at their site.  This gives us the vision and perspective of our client and allows us to turn their expectations into realities.  Having the same vision as the client, we proceed to pull the design and the build functions of the project together to expertly eliminate redundant and inefficient effort and costly oversights.  We make documents and drawings become effective, efficient tools for construction and operation.  Benchmark Engineering gives the client the means to realize their expectations.

Complex engineering and construction projects require a common bridge between involved parties.  Benchmark Engineering is that bridge.  We successfully manage the complexity of projects applying our experience and customer focused vision.  Project management is the key to on time, under budget projects.  Benchmark Engineering’s project management is proactive in planning work and driving delivery.  Our customers have one point of contact for assurance of deliverables and for a comprehensive view of the project status.

Benchmark Engineering provides clients with advanced, practical project planning, conceptual engineering, and timely management for all stages of project performance.  All project team members are integrated into the process to provide timely and cost effective project solutions for improved productivity and quality.  Quality is a vital part of our operation.  Quality controls and assurance are the backbone of our operation.  We offer no “canned” solutions, each client is different and each solution is unique to the clients’ needs.

Mission Statement

Evaluate, plan, and implement solutions
for our client’s capital facilities
to increase the effectiveness
of their business processes