As an engineering & management firm, Benchmark Engineering’s product is our expertise & experience. We incorporate our client’s needs into our concepts & project planning, rather than trying to “fit” the client’s requirements into pre-engineered “canned packages”. We provide the best professional services to our clients by considering all methodologies, platforms, & strategies, that are bounded only by the client’s budgetary & performance criteria.

Benchmark Engineering is in business to provide our clients with advanced, practical project planning, conceptual engineering design, and timely, proactive management for all stages of project performance.

Benchmark Engineering partners with design engineering firms and contractors to form an integrated team that works together and functions as a single group throughout the duration of the project. We integrate all members involved in the project process to provide our clients with timely and cost effective project solutions for improved productivity and quality. As a result, we provide you with a competitive advantage.

One of our specialties is providing Solutions for Project Problems, before, during or after the project process. By providing effective engineering based solutions and strong project driven management resulting in efficient project organization, coordination, and execution we ensure the project is completed and meets our client’s goals.

Benchmark Engineering Projects Map

Benchmark Engineering Group, Inc. Corporate Management

Timothy J. O’Brien, PE – President

With over 25 years of experience in planning, designing and executing projects, ranging from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars, in multiple industries and various technologies, has the front-line experience to deliver for the client. From automotive component assembly lines, to warehouse operations, to relocating processes, all the way to new industrial plants, Tim has succeeded in completing the high profile, critical timeframe projects.

Tim is a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of Ohio and Michigan, a US-Dept. of Homeland Security FEMA Disaster Response – Technical Assistance Contractor, and is chairman of the Lucas County Ohio – Local Emergency Planning Committee.

Tim holds a BS in Civil Engineering from The Ohio University, where he played 4 years of football that lead to a short career in the NFL.

Gary A. Cooper, CPA – Treasurer and Secretary

With almost 40 years of business ownership and financial management, he has owned and operated technology companies, guiding them through various industries and through the ups and downs of many business cycles and economic peaks and valleys.

Gary is a registered CPA and is President and CEO of Benchmark Technologies Corporation, specializing in providing comprehensive, technology-based management services including Industrial Services, Quality Consulting and Human Resources Staffing, and President and CEO of Benchmark National Corporation, a regional provider of sorting, inspection, and containment services to the manufacturing industry.

Gary holds a BA in Accounting from The Ohio State University.