Strategic Team: A team of qualified Managers and Engineers integrated with the owner’s personnel to develop the project plan (WBS), establish communications, develop procedures, reporting formats, and sequence of work.

Organization: Define the goals, timeframes, procedures, methods, and impacts of the project.

Readiness: Plan the WBS sequence, timeframes, tasks, resources, responsibilities, and deliverable commitments for everyone involved in the project, and get their “buy in”.

Mobilization: Set up, orientate, train, qualify, and mobilize all necessary resources according to the project plan.

Benchmark: You CANNOT change history, so establish where you are here and now today, and what direction you are going to take, and how far you have to go.

Assess: Take a look at your current resources, materials, and funds. What will it take to get the project completed? What may need to be overcome? How can you get it done with what you have and have planned?

Schedule: Plan your work with well defined tasks and due dates, document your schedule and get everyone on the same page.
Execute: Work your plan.

Completion: Complete all the tasks in the scope of work, schedule and budget by creating & finishing the punch list.

Last Look: Review all the goals of the project and ensure everything is complete, accounted for & installed correctly.
Operate: Turnover the operation to the owner and have owner’s personnel running the operation, it is time to get the benefit of the project.

Submittals: Submit all project documentation drawings, operation & maintenance manuals, warranties and as-built drawings for the owner’s records.

Exit: The project is complete and the Benchmark Team (and our costs) leaves the site