Lean & Green Manufacturing

Forward thinking companies can address critical environmental issues from climate change, to energy, to water AND improve business performance, gain competitive advantage and increase profits.  Lean Manufacturing opportunities can inherently be Green through saving energy, but the most important part of Lean and Green Manufacturing is to reduce overall costs and increase company profitability.  There are many options for getting Lean and Green that do not include major investments in wind and solar farms, ;many of these options involve little investment other than reviewing and re-planning your operations.

System Implementation & Integration

Design, layout and installation of new process equipment, materials handling systems, support system and associated facility modifications must be properly planned and implemented to achieve the return on investment.  Scheduling, equipment layout, process flow, material & WIP logistics, outage planning, construction scheduling, vendor & construction coordination, facility modifications, equipment layouts material handling and support systems layout and communication coordination between owner and all project participants are all important aspects of successful project fulfillment.

New Facility / Expansion / Consolidation

Companies performing modifications and expansions must achieve the planned return on investment.  This return can only be realized if the project is planned and executed correctly.  Especially in today’s market, the project must be completed and generating revenue, on time and on budget, or else the company may miss the entire market opportunity.  These projects, that seem to be a thorn in the side of everyday operations, are actually the lifeblood of keeping the company alive.

Building Construction Roadmap

New & Relocated Process Lines

Relocation of assembly lines while maintaining product supply to assembly plants is a critical operation that requires very detailed planning and execution.  these projects create a huge responsibility for contracts, outage scheduling, production & bank build, equipment layout, process flow, contractor coordination, communication coordination, and contract execution between sending and receiving locations.

New/Relocate Auto Assets Roadmap

Process Improvements

All processes can be improved, bottlenecks can be resolved, components can be maximized, manufacturing can be leaner.  unfortunately, highly focused process improvement based on component statistics and bottleneck elimination may not truly benefit the bottom line.  process improvement must start from the top down, breaking down problems into their simplest parts, solving the problem parts and rebuilding the process back from the bottom up to ensure that the end result is an improvement to the operation’s bottom line.